AfriForum 911 and SAPS achieve various successes

On 6 March 2019 AfriForum 911’s control room achieved various successes in cooperation with the SAPS. Four suspects that were responsible for a farm attack near Tweeling in the Free State were arrested close to the Lesotho border post. During the arrest, two handguns, ammunition, cash and five cell phones were found in the possession of the suspects.

In another success, two underage children that went missing in Potgietersrus on 2 February 2019 were located unscathed in Pietersburg. The third success entails the search for a missing person of Vosman that possibly wanted to commit suicide. This person was however also found unscathed. AfriForum’s 911 team, the SAPS, as well as various other safety role-players all contributed to these successes.   

“AfriForum 911 continually followed up on these cases and kept the SAPS informed with the latest information. It is important to become involved with AfriForum’s safety structures in your community and subsequently make a contribution to your town’s safety,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.  

“Also ensure that you download the AfriForum 911 emergency app on your smartphone in order to summon help during an emergency or to report suspicious activities. Feel free to visit AfriForum 911’s website at,” concludes Cameron. 

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