AfriForum and Agritrans deliver donations in Knysna

AfriForum and AgriTrans today handed over donations to Solidarity Helping Hand and people in need, among which the victims of the Knysna fires, at Knysna Primary School. Chris Chameleon and Daniella Deysel also supported the cause and helped to unload the truck and distribute items. 

Two trucks full of supplies that left Gauteng the past weekend, arrived in Knysna today. These donations were made by AfriForum members as well as AgriTrans, with the purpose of bringing relief to people in need who were affected by the disastrous Knysna fires.

“AfriForum handed over the donations to Solidarity Helping Hand, who, through their established network, will ensure that these goods find their way to those affected by the recent events in Knysna. Some of those affected have already received the first donations fresh from Agritrans’ truck as it rolled into Knysna today,” says Guido Urlings, Campaign Officer for AfriForum.

“Apart from the toiletries and other necessities that AfriForum provided to those who lost their homes, the organisation also provided some relief in the form of bales to those farmers who were left without grazing,” says Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum.

Solidarity Helping Hand will manage the assessment process and distribute the supplies as needed.

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