AfriForum announces Gauteng South’s blue and green drop status

AfriForum tested the quality of drinking (blue drop) and sewage water (green drop) of various towns in Gauteng South during May 2017.

“We could determine that the drinking water of the vast majority of towns is clean and does not contain any harmful bacteria. AfriForum will however continuously evaluate the water quality to protect the constitutional rights of the residents of these towns and to ensure that they are supplied with clean drinking water,” says Wico Swanepoel, AfriForum’s Regional Coordinator for Gauteng South.

Blue drop

The results indicated that the drinking water of the entire Gauteng South is up to standard and suitable for human consumption.

Green drop

AfriForum also tested the green drop water quality. It was established that the sewage water of only two of the towns adheres to applicable microbiological standards.      

The civil rights organisation expressed its concern regarding the sewage water in the relevant towns which do not adhere to the applicable standards. These towns include Nigel, Randfontein, Springs and Vanderbijlpark. “We will investigate the matter and act if necessary. We already instituted criminal charges against the Municipal Manager of Randfontein,” says Swanepoel further.

AfriForum’s national blue and green drop project focuses on the quality of the drinking water and sewage plants of towns. The project does not necessarily focus on the condition of the sewage plant itself, but rather on the quality of water released after the process as end result in the form of drinking water (blue drop) and treated sewage (green drop).

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