AfriForum branch repairs potholes, road surface around Laerskool Tygerpoort at R160 000

The AfriForum branch in Pretoria East repaired the road surface around Laerskool Tygerpoort over the last two weeks at a cost of R160 000. This comprised an area of more than 4 000 m2.

“AfriForum is approached by communities to intervene where municipalities fail to comply with their service delivery requirements. The repair of potholes and the maintenance of roads remain a major priority for AfriForum, and we will continue to undertake similar projects,” says Lambert De Klerk, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for Gauteng.

De Klerk also says that this is the second large-scale project of its kind that AfriForum undertook in Pretoria. The organisation recently repaired potholes around Waterkloof High School at a cost of more than R100 000.

Roadchem was contracted by the organisation to do the repairwork in both projects.

AfriForum encourages residents to report potholes in their vicinity to the organisation.

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