AfriForum and Caring Daisies deliver 50 tonnes of fodder to drought-stricken areas


The civil rights organisation AfriForum, in cooperation with Caring Daisies, helped to deliver 50 tonnes of grass bales and maize to farmers in the drought-stricken Western Cape.

Donations made by AfriForum’s members and members of the public into the organisation’s emergency fund made it possible for AfriForum to co-fund fuel and transport, while Caring Daisies coordinated the whole project. AfriForum’s team was present at the delivery in Prince Albert.

“With parts of the country battling severe weather and dealing with heavy rain, one could almost forget that there are still large parts of the country that haven’t had any rain since the beginning of 2016. As a result of the continued drought, farmers had to buy fodder for their animals and many now struggle to make ends meet,” says Guido Urlings, National Campaign Officer at AfriForum.

Urlings adds that this relief is only temporary because the area still suffers from an ongoing drought, especially since the rainy season has passed and brought little to no relief. AfriForum encourages the public to continue supporting the emergency fund in order to make a sustainable difference.

Members of the public who want to help with this crisis and future crises on a permanent basis can join AfriForum’s emergency fund by sending their names to 45344 (R1 per SMS) or donate R10 by sending “Nood” to 38312.

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