AfriForum cleans wetland in Moreleta Park Nature Reserve

AfriForum cleaned the wetland in the Moreleta Park Nature Reserve on 13 February after recent heavy downpours resulted in large quantities of garbage being washed down the storm water canals and swept into the wetlands by the river. The action also commemorated World Wetlands Day that was celebrated on 2 February this year. 

AfriForum became part of the Gauteng Wetland Forum in 2018 and as a result can now liaise with various role-players (for example the Department of Water and Sanitation) and submit inputs in a bid to protect our wetlands.

“Wetlands are of crucial importance because they function like natural reservoirs. During heavy rains or thunderstorms wetlands absorb water like sponges and then release it slowly throughout the rest of the year. Without wetlands, this run-off water would immediately wash away. Both floods and droughts are common and it is therefore necessary to look after our wetlands as these have the ability to minimise the severity of floods and droughts through the regulation of stream flow,” says Chris Boshoff, Coordinator for Environmental Affairs at AfriForum.

“More than 50% of South Africa’s wetlands have already been destroyed or show deterioration. Mankind is responsible to protect our wetlands, however, and to ensure that our life-essential ecosystems function optimally,” Boshoff concludes.

SMS your name to 45354 (R1) to support this AfriForum action.

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