AfriForum considers legal options after BLF’s racist remarks and incitement to violence


AfriForum is currently considering possible legal options to call to account the radical organisation Black First Land First (BLF) after their racist remarks and incitement to violence on various occasions this year. 

About 30 BLF protesters today sang the song Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer at the Stellenbosch railway station during their #RupertMustFall protest.

The group is angry about comments that Johann Rupert, Chairperson of the investment company Remgro, made at Richmond’s Annual General Meeting in Switzerland regarding radical economic transformation. He referred to it as, among other, a code word for theft.

The BLF protesters protested together with members of the ANC Youth League and MK veterans in front of Remgro’s gates and threatened to become violent and break down the gate if no representative of Remgro would come out. The words “One Settler, One Bullet” were also chanted by protesters.  

“AfriForum views BLF’s remarks in a very serious light. The group has made many a racist remarks on various occasions this year that incite violence towards and the killing of white people. Although the South African Human Rights Commission has declared the Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer song as hate speech, AfriForum also views it as incitement,” says Ernst Roets, Deputy CEO of AfriForum.

Roets also says that criminal charges will be brought and further steps be announced soon.

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