AfriForum contributes to happy ending after Leandra taxi hijacking

In cooperation with the local AfriForum neighbourhood watch, the Leandra SAPS yesterday returned a hijacked truck to its rightful owner.

This follows after three alleged taxi owners hijacked the truck of a Leandra businessman and threatened to murder the driver and burn down the vehicle. The truck was then taken to the taxi rank in Leandra where the driver was taken hostage.

This incident follows in the midst of allegations that the Leandra Taxi Association targets trucks transporting personnel in the Delmas and Leandra areas.

The SAPS was slow to act and wanted to first summon a police inspector from Ermelo before the case could be followed up; however, they couldn’t indicate the inspector’s time of arrival. Due to sustained pressure from the local AfriForum neighbourhood watch, the site of the taxi association was entered in cooperation with the SAPS after which the truck was seized and returned to the owner.

“I would like to appeal to the communities of Delmas and Leandra to become aware of this problem and to join their local AfriForum neighbourhood watch to consequently safeguard our communities and protect their rights,” urges Johann Weber, AfriForum’s Regional Coordinator for Mpumalanga East.

The SAPS has not yet made any arrests regarding the incident.

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