AfriForum directs letter to Dikgatlong Local Municipality

The civil rights organisation AfriForum today directed a letter to the Dikgatlong Local Municipality in which the organisation insists on the immediate clean-up of all sewage dumping in Barkly West, the immediate investigation into the extent of sewage blockages and dumping in the area, as well as the execution of a complete audit regarding the state and suitability of Barkly West’s current sewage pipeline system. AfriForum also expects an action plan for the necessary repairs and upgrades of the sewage system to subsequently prevent further pollution.

AfriForum’s Kimberley branch on 12 October 2018 cleaned up and disinfected the grounds of the Barkly West Primary School after it was flooded with sewage for the third time this year. The branch wanted to ensure with this action that the children can speedily return to a school environment that is both clean and safe.

The civil rights watchdog is demanding feedback from the Dikgatlong Local Municipality within five working days.

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