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AfriForum distributes over 15 000 bottles hand sanitiser

Over the past ten days, the civil rights organisation AfriForum, in cooperation with Solidarity Helping Hand, donated more than 15 000 bottles of hand sanitiser as well as masks to homes for the elderly and disabled, persons who work in the security, emergency and healthcare sectors as well as vulnerable people with no adequate protection against the coronavirus.

Generous contributions from AfriForum members and the public enabled AfriForum to deliver masks and hand sanitiser to over 30 premises.

“With this campaign AfriForum wants to help protect the most vulnerable, as well as those who carry the greatest potential risk of contracting the virus. It is further important that emergency and health care workers have adequate protective equipment, as they deal with the public. It is therefore for their own, but also the community’s safety,” says Ian Cameron, Head of Community Safety at AfriForum.


“We encourage people to keep contributing to this campaign, so that we can help as many people as possible with these donations. By providing much needed protection to emergency workers as well as vulnerable groups, we want to contribute to lowering the rate of infection in the country,” says Dr Eugene Brink, Manager of Health Affairs at AfriForum.

Members of the public can still make a R10 contribution to the campaign to donate hand sanitiser and masks to old-age homes and emergency workers: SMS the word “Corona” to 38310.

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