AfriForum establishes branch in East London

The civil rights organization AfriForum on 22 March established a branch in East London during a community meeting.

The founding committee consists of Dave Nettle (Chairperson), Willie Oosthuyzen (Vice-chairperson), Byron Petzer (Secretary) Ronnie Saayman (Treasurer), Ian Hein (Safety), Rowan Deysel (Environmental Affairs), Juan Claasen (Youth), Benedict van der Byl (Local Government Affairs) en Risna Rossouw (Projects and Recruitment).

During the founding meeting, David Olivier, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the Eastern Cape, presented the organisation’s model. He also elaborated on AfriForum’s security plan and structures, as well as the benefits of having these two aspects in place. AfriForum’s offering include accredited training, equipment, a national network and valuable experience.

The committee is very proud to be part of AfriForum and is ready to take on their tasks.

“We look forward to launching many self-do projects to serve the community, as well as making the community more resilient,” said David Nettle, Chairman of the East London branch.

Become involved with the new branch today: SMS “East London” to 45350 (R1).

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