AfriForum establishes neighbourhood watch in Piet Retief

AfriForum established a neighbourhood watch in Piet Retief on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. This stems from the community’s need to have an AfriForum neighbourhood watch to form part of a joint front in combatting crime in this town.

The neighbourhood watch’s management currently comprises Gerhard Böhmer (Chairperson), Abrie Günther (Operational Chairperson) and Xanté Prinsloo (Secretary) and forms part of the management of the greater AfriForum branch in Piet Retief, which is headed by Sarel Nieuwenhuizen as Chairperson.

“I believe that the establishment of an AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Piet Retief will be a turning point in the fight against crime in the town. AfriForum neighbourhood watches have good reputations for their excellent discipline, and these cooperate with the highest ranks of the SAPS. The safety of Piet Retief’s community is in efficient hands,” says Nieuwenhuizen.

Although there are already various safety structures in the Piet Retief area, there are discussions between AfriForum and other community safety stakeholders to promote cooperation in the fight against crime.

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