AfriForum exposes corruption at license office

The civil rights organisation AfriForum today released a damning documentary that exposes corruption at the Waltloo licensing office as well as the malfunctioning of the NaTis system. From the footage it becomes clear that third parties in collaboration with corrupt personnel hijacked the functioning of the licensing system.

This follows after the organisation lodged a formal complaint with the Office of the Public Protector in September 2021, requesting that an investigation into maladministration and corruption be instituted at the Department of Transport. The Public Protector confirmed that the complaints were being investigated and the footage had been submitted as further evidence of the alleged unlawful practices.

“The footage exposes the problem of corruption and maladministration at the Department of Transport and licensing offices. In this context, it is becoming increasingly difficult for law-abiding members of the public to comply with the Department’s rules,” says Reiner Duvenage, Campaign Officer for Strategy and Content at AfriForum.

“The Department of Transport owes it to the public to ensure that licensing systems function as desired and that both physical and online infrastructure are maintained. AfriForum’s documentary serves as further proof of the Department of Transport’s systematic collapse in all areas. The miserable state in which the Department of Transport finds itself is a national embarrassment on a scale that only the ANC can achieve,” concludes Duvenage.

Against this background, AfriForum reaffirms its commitment to put further pressure on the Department of Transport to fulfill its duty of proper service delivery to the public.

Assist AfriForum with this campaign by sending your personal complaints to the Department of Transport.

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