AfriForum and Go Green Knysna donate trees for wetland project

On 16 February AfriForum and Go Green Knysna donated trees to the Knysna Local Municipality; the trees were planted in the wetland in Brenton (Knysna). This follows after the wetland suffered extensive damage in the devastating fires of last year. It also serves to commemorate World Wetland Day that took place on 2 February this year.

“Trees stabilise the soil for optimal rehabilitation, creates an environment for better plant growth, serves as a habitat and provides food for the broader biodiversity in a wetland,” says Chris Boshoff, Coordinator for Environmental Affairs at AfriForum.

“Our final effort for International Wetland Week culminated in the planting of ten indigenous trees at the old Brenton landfill. We want to extend a big thank you to AfriForum for donating the trees. They have each been adopted by local residents and will be nurtured into a small forest,” says Pamela Booth, Manager of Environmental Planning at the Municipality.

“It is important for AfriForum to protect wetlands and to ensure that our essential ecosystems are functioning optimally within unique bio-diversities. AfriForum is sensitive for the use of water during the current drought crisis and therefore a wetland is the ideal place to plant trees as municipal water does not have to be used to water the trees,” Boshoff concludes.

SMS your name to 45354 (R1) to support this AfriForum initiative.

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