AfriForum instructs legal team to take action against Eskom

The civil rights organisation AfriForum has instructed its legal team to take action against Eskom seeing that the power giant is planning on cutting the electricity supply to the Brits area from 3 July 2020. This follows after Eskom reacted to AfriForum’s letter in which the power supplier argues that they reserve the right to cut electricity. Eskom also admitted in the letter that the crisis can be attributed to the Madibeng Local Municipality’s mismanagement of funds. The Municipality owes Eskom approximately R138 million.

According to AfriForum, it is unfair of Eskom to punish the Brits community while the crisis was clearly caused as a result of the incompetent management of the Municipality.

“It is unfair to punish residents who reliably paid their electricity account to the Municipality for money that the Municipality failed to pay to Eskom due to mismanagement. The Municipality continuously proves that they are incompetent to manage financial sources and to maintain critical infrastructure,” says Petrus Coetzee, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for Marico.

AfriForum would like to make a bigger difference in the community and encourages residents to become involved. Become part of the solution: SMS “Brits” to 45351 (R1).

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