AfriForum launches 24/7 panic button for members

AfriForum last week officially launched the AfriForum 911 TrackBox panic button for members of the organisation.

“We are proud to announce that our existing AfriForum 911 emergency service, which has been available to AfriForum members for many years at no extra cost, was enhanced to now also include a panic button,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Safety.

Until now, members had to call AfriForum 911 telephonically in case of emergencies; now, however, help can be requested much quicker simply by pressing a button on a cell phone. To make use of the best technology available, AfriForum teamed up with TrackBox Technologies – a company with a proven track record – to offer the emergency button and service. TrackBox’s existing emergency partners include the SAPS, the Hawks, the K9 Unit, 10111 centres, Netcare 911, ER24, the Fire and Rescue Departments, advanced life support, the eThekwini Municipality and the City of Cape Town.

The AfriForum 911 TrackBox emergency app can be downloaded onto your cell phone to change it into a panic button. The app links you directly to any applicable service provider across South Africa. The app also allows you to report suspicious activities as well as to upload GPS-supported warnings. It doesn’t matter where you are: You can be found and helped!

“By using the information that you upload to the AfriForum 911 TrackBox app, the control room can inform the emergency units to enable them to manage your emergency efficiently,” explains Cameron.

Cameron concludes by saying that the app is a major step forward for AfriForum 911, but especially for AfriForum members who now have access to the best panic button technologies available.

Visit the website for more information:

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