AfriForum launches AfriForumTV as new free online Afrikaans streaming platform

AfriForum on 11 April 2022 launched an online Afrikaans streaming platform during a gala event at the AfriForum Teater. AfriForumTV is a free online platform from which AfriForum members and non-members can stream Afrikaans content of various genres.

AfriForumTV was established to broaden the AfriForum community as a gathering place for online entertainment to support the Afrikaans community and establish a new voice in the media world. Subscribers can explore various genres in the comfort of their own home on their television, computer or cell phone by using the AfriForumTV app.

AfriForumTV’s content consists of entertainment, news, current affairs, school sports, reality and lifestyle programmes, podcasts, and children’s entertainment. This content is provided by AfriForumTV itself, institutions within the Solidarity Movement and external content providers.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, the creation of AfriForumTV is a logical next step towards AfriForum and the Solidarity Movement’s goal of establishing community self-reliance and independent institutions in a wide range of areas in life. “AfriForumTV currently offers an independent platform for new voices to convey a variety of messages and offer a wider choice to viewers,” says Kriel. Kriel indicated that the time is now ripe for AfriForumTV, as the new trend among viewers is to choose when and what they want to watch programmes and during the COVID-19 restrictions there was a greater tendency to stream content online.

“AfriForum’s production houses have already produced numerous quality entertainment series, current affairs programmes, children’s programmes and documentaries, which ensures that AfriForumTV can now be kicked off with a solid programme offering while new content will be produced throughout and a platform will be offered to outside producers,” adds Kriel.

Visit The app is available on Google Playstore and will be available on the App Store soon.

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