AfriForum lays complaint against municipal manager over financial misconduct

The AfriForum branch in Paulpietersburg lodged a complaint of financial misconduct with the Mayor against Mr T.V. Mkhize, Municipal Manager of the eDumbe Municipality, and requested action to be taken against him. This follows after a pound in Paulpietersburg was built with municipal infrastructure funds and then burgled within one year.

According to the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, 2000, the Municipal Manager is responsible for municipal assets. The Municipal Manager should also manage, safeguard and maintain the Municipality’s assets according to Article 63 of the Local Government: Municipal Financial Management Act, 2003.

“Mkhize clearly failed in his responsibilities in this regard. We therefore requested the Mayor to act,” says Eugene van Aswegen, AfriForum’s Regional Coordinator for KwaZulu-Natal.

“We also notified the local and National Treasury of our complaints, as the Act requires,” Van Aswegen adds.

AfriForum will consider legal steps if no action is taken against Mkhize.

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