AfriForum mobilises thousands against crime

AfriForum’s national patrol mobilised thousands of people against crime in South Africa this past weekend. About 135 AfriForum neighbourhood and farm watches, more than 125 police stations, numerous community policing forums, security firms and other organisations formed part of this mass crime prevention action.

“AfriForum’s national footprint has become an unstoppable network of community structures. Our national communication system is the only of its kind, which means that thousands of community members in the country can communicate with each other to ensure community defensibility,” says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety.

According to Cameron nearly 60 serious incidents were handled by the AfriForum911 community safety centre, mainly confirming proper cooperation between emergency institutions and community structures on ground level.

“We want to particularly express our gratitude to the SAPS for the excellent cooperation on ground level during this community initiative. It is heartening to see how police stations opened their doors for the community to take on the battle against crime together,” says Cameron.

“The police cannot win the battle against crime alone and the community as well as the private sector must play a core role to provide safety,” says Cameron. He is also of the opinion that the law makes more than enough provision for communities to help combat crime within the framework of the law.

Become involved with your local AfriForum neighbourhood or farm watch today: SMS your name to 45353 (R1).

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