AfriForum monument audit 2020

AfriForum wants our members and the community to be informed about the monuments and memorials in every town and city. Communities are often unaware of monuments in their own area and many people have never even visited these sites.

For this reason, it is important that we bring these narratives of history back to life. We want to inform people about the historical meaning of these monuments and where they are located.

Young and old need to once again cultivate a feeling of pride.

It is important that we preserve the heritage of our country for our children and their children after them. This will only be possible if we take ownership and help maintain these monuments, while also making our members and communities aware of which monuments can be found in every town.

After each monument has been evaluated to determine what state it’s in, the relevant individuals will be contacted to do the necessary maintenance – whether it is the local municipality that is responsible  or AfriForum that needs to get aboard and do the required work with the help of the community.

From 2 to 31 March we want to invite members of the public to send us photos of monuments in their town that are need of renovation. This will enable us to launch action plans.

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