AfriForum provides safety training in Riversdale

AfriForum’s Goukou farm watch, which forms part of this civil rights organisation’s Hessequa branch structure, received training on 6 September 2018 on legal aspects that relate to patrols. The free training was provided by Thomas van Dalen, AfriForum’s Training Manager at Community Safety, and was attended by more than 80 community members. 

“It is important that neighbourhood and farm watches know what they may and may not do according to the law, to ensure that they always act within the framework of the law. We encourage communities to be proactive and join AfriForum’s neighbourhood and farm watches,” says Johan Crous, Chairperson for Safety at AfriForum’s Hessequa branch.

According to Van Dalen, AfriForum currently focuses strongly on safety. “It is important to us that communities are trained to safeguard themselves with the help of AfriForum,” Van Dalen says.

Join AfriForum’s neighbourhood and farm watches: SMS “Veiligheid” to 45351 (R1).


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