AfriForum provides training for Soweto’s SAUAC

AfriForum on 15 October 2019 provided legal training to South Africa United Against Crime (SAUAC) in Soweto to ensure that members of this non-profit organisation (NPO) can assist and protect their community within the framework of the law.

SAUAC is an NPO that focuses on promoting community involvement, as well as assisting the community of Soweto with improving safety.

“We need to share our experience and knowledge with each other to the benefit of all communities so that they can become a safer place for our people and our children,” says Siphiwe Kunene, Deputy Chairperson and President of SAUAC.


“Working together is the key to achieving success – different organisations can learn from and strengthen one another in different situations. Ultimately we all have a mutual focus: a safer community and country,” says Hillel Coetzer, AfriForum’s Head of Community Safety for the northern region.

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