AfriForum provides training to SAUAC in Soweto

On 9 November 2018 AfriForum’s safety team provided anti-hijacking training in Soweto to South Africa United Against Crime (SAUAC), a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting community safety.

Thomas van Dalen, AfriForum’s Training Manager for Community Safety, provided anti-hijack training to SAUAC patrollers to empower them to be more vigilant during patrols and to more effectively assist their community in the battle against crime.

“AfriForum provides this training to other institutions to empower communities to act as the eyes and ears of the SAPS within the framework of the law, to make them even more prepared and also to improve cooperation with other safety institutions,” says Hillel Coetzer, AfriForum’s Head of Safety for the northern region.

“We must unite, and work, plan and train together to improve community safety,” says Siphiwe Kunene from SAUAC.

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