AfriForum security structures tracked cloned vehicle down within hours

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Hluhluwe, in collaboration with Alpha Security, yesterday located a car with a cloned license disc within hours.

This followed after AfriForum’s head office received an inquiry from a member of the public. The person has been struggling to renew her motor vehicle license since February this year. According to the traffic department, her vehicle was registered under someone else’s name.

It is a common phenomenon that stolen vehicles are re-registered in cunning ways and the license disc of a similar car, which is legally registered, is then cloned. The stolen vehicles can then be used again without the license or number plate being linked to a stolen vehicle.

AfriForum received information that the cloned vehicle had been spotted in KwaZulu-Natal and approached its local security structures as well as Alpha Security to locate the vehicle. The vehicle was located within hours and the local police were notified after which the vehicle was impounded.

The vehicle with the cloned license disc was reported stolen in Pretoria in 2021.

“It’s beyond my understanding that our community safety structures, and a private company were able to get to the bottom of this matter within hours, while law enforcement has been procrastinating for months. Their advice to the victim was to just not use her vehicle until the matter is resolved,” says Jacques Broodryk, AfriForum’s Campaigns Manager.

The victim, who prefers to remain anonymous, says: “Thank you very much, AfriForum, for making our lives so much easier. Without your help we would probably never be able to renew our car’s license again and we would have to live in fear every moment one of us uses the car that the driver could be arrested at any moment. Thank you for helping to maintain law and order in the country. We can only dream that our state institutions may one day be almost as effective again.”

“This success once again shows that the key to safe communities lies in the hands of well-organised civil structures,” Broodryk concludes.

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