AfriForum takes on Netflix regarding discriminatory postgraduate scholarship programme

The civil rights organisation AfriForum launched a petition and sent a letter to the Netflix Black Creatives Empowerment Fund. This follows after the online streaming entertainment service Netflix recently launched a scholarship for 2022 post-graduates who are pursuing qualifications in the film or TV genre. However, one of the main qualifying criteria is that the applicant must be black, as defined by the B-BBEE Code of Conduct.

“Blatant discrimination of this nature is unacceptable. With this scholarship, an ambitious white student that wants to apply will be immediately rejected based solely on the colour of their skin, regardless of their financial background. To demonstrate how cruelly discriminatory this scholarship is, its criteria favours the black child of a rich politician or billionaire over a white child of an impoverished household,” says Ernst van Zyl, Campaign Officer for strategy and content at AfriForum.

This type of blatant, shameless discrimination has no place in society and AfriForum therefore wants you to make your voice heard. Sign the petition here:

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