AfriForum takes a stand against Eskom’s proposed high voltage powerlines

The AfriForum branch in Alberton have already obtained legal advice regarding Eskom’s proposed decision to erect high voltage powerlines in the Alberton CBD, which will also have an effect on the northern suburbs of the town. This follows after Willie van Wyk, chairman of this AfriForum branch, received various complaints from concerned members of the community.

“Unnerved members of the public have been phoning me and claiming that Eskom is threatening them to sell their property, as it stands in the way of the power utility’s plans to erect high voltage powerlines,” Van Wyk says.

The city council will today approve or disapprove Eskom’s plans. If approved, it could not only expose home owners to the dangers of 400 000 V powerlines, but they could also be facing the expropriation of their property.

“We will protect our members’ interests and will not allow Eskom to deny people their Constitutional rights. Eskom’s proposed plans pose serious negative consequences for the Alberton-community,” says Wico Swanepoel, AfriForum’s provincial coordinator for Gauteng South.

Eskom has been planning the erection of these high voltage powerlines since 2008, which will run across the CBD, the wetland (which will affect wildlife) and a neighbourhood in the northern parts of Alberton. This will force home owners to sell their property. Six home owners have already sold their property as a result of Eskom’s plans.

AfriForum firmly opposes Eskom’s plans. Get involved at AfriForum’s Alberton branch: SMS “Kraglyne” to 45342 to show your support.

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