AfriForum visits Laerskool Helderkruin with anti-bully campaign

The civil rights organisation AfriForum visited Laerskool Helderkruin in Roodepoort last week as part of their anti-bullying campaign. This project aims to create awareness for bullying in schools and includes information sessions with children, teachers and parents.

“It is important for the AfriForum Research Institute (ANI) and Trauma Unit to work together with children, teachers and parents to make a difference and eradicate bullying in schools,” says Leandie Lombaard, researcher at ANI.

Antoinette Steyn from AfriForum’s Trauma Unit presented a workshop on bullying for teachers of the school. The workshop taught teachers how children’s personalities can differ and how each one is unique and should be treated differently.

The actor Jacques Gombault presented an information session to parents on the role that they play in children’s lives and how bullying can be eradicated in high schools by changing children’s mind-sets in primary school already.

Chris Schutte, Principal of Laerskool Helderkruin, is of the opinion that the school only received positive feedback from learners, parents and teachers.

Send email to of your child’s school wants to become involved with this project.

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