AfriForum warns the DWS about water leakages

AfriForum today in a letter warned Lindiwe Sisulu, Minister of Water and Sanitation, about the large-scale problem which water leakages in the country can bring about. The organisation also requested the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to appoint a task team that can focus on repairing water leakages across the country.

The organisation wrote this letter seeing as a lot of dam levels are low – like the Vaal Dam which is only 37,5% full and supplies water to a large part of Gauteng – and the country can in particular not afford to lose water through leakages.

AfriForum therefore created a platform on the organisation’s website where community members can report water leakages which will then in turn be communicated to the Department so that they can be held responsible to repair the leakages. Approximately 40% of municipalities’ drinking water is being lost daily due to water leakages.

“The Vaal Dam is singled out seeing as the dam supplies water to a large part of the country’s population, but there are also quite a number of other municipalities that are close to Day Zero,” says Lambert de Klerk, AfriForum’s Manager of Environmental Affairs.

According to De Klerk, the Department faces big challenges that need to be rectified, while water security in the country is mostly threatened as a result of the necessary maintenance not being performed, as well as due to corruption within the Department.

Visit AfriForum’s website to report water leakages in your town.

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