AfriForum welcomes Sanral’s decision regarding e-toll debt

The civil rights organisation AfriForum has welcomed Sanral’s decision to halt the collection of overdue e-toll debt. AfriForum says it is a victory for the civil society as a whole, as well as for the companies and motorists that were assisted by AfriForum’s legal team to oppose Sanral’s subpoenas that were sent to them.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, Sanral’s decision shows that the civil society can effectively use its power to battle exploitation by a corrupt authority. He points to the fact that AfriForum’s legal team has already assisted various motorists and companies that received subpoenas from Sanral to have these subpoenas abandoned.

“AfriForum was ready to conduct a test case should Sanral continue with action against our members.”   

Kriel expressed the hope that the government and Sanral will in future reflect on more cost-effective manners to finance roads rather than the wasteful e-toll system.

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