AfriForum Youth candidate elected as Tuks Student Council Chairperson

Henrico Barnard, AfriForum Youth’s candidate for chairmanship of the University of Pretoria’s (UP’s) interim Student Council, was elected to this office yesterday. AfriForum Youth congratulates Barnard on his election.  

Jaco Grobbelaar, AfriForum Youth’s Coordinator for UP, says that Barnard’s election is a victory not only for AfriForum Youth, but also for the majority of students who are serious about their studies and who want to be represented by student leaders who will take a stand against the disruption of classes by a small radical element on campus.

“We look forward to the year ahead under a student leadership that follows a pro-study approach. AfriForum Youth is of the opinion that students at the UP yearn for an environment where they can study safely and obtain success. Barnard will strive to achieve this,” says Grobbelaar.

In reaction to his election, Barnard extended a hand of friendship to all students who are serious about starting their studies and who want to see UP as a university where excellence can be pursued without disruption.

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