AfriForum Youth encourages Mkhondo Local Municipality

After the AfriForum Youth branch in Piet Retief tackled a pothole and kerbstone repair action in front of the entrance to the municipal offices in August 2016, the Mkhondo Local Municipality recently took the initiative to repair the parking area at the town hall by filling potholes and painting road signs.

“It is a pleasant surprise seeing how the Municipality is reacting positively to the example which AfriForum is setting for the community. Do-it-yourself is indeed better than doing nothing!” is the commentary of Johann Weber, AfriForum’s Regional Coordinator for Mpumalanga East, regarding this matter.

The AfriForum branch management of Piet Retief is planning on meeting with the Municipal Manager shortly in order to promote cooperation.

“I am extremely excited about the positive spirit of our youth branch in Piet Retief and would like to make a plea to all the youth to join us,” says Hanu Lategan, Chairperson of the AfriForum Youth branch in Piet Retief.

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