On 21 August 2021 AfriForum Youth’s Kimberley branch cleaned the Burger monument in Magersfontein and laid wreaths. The project was undertaken together with the Rapportryerbeweging, the Voortrekkers, Land Service and members of the public.

The monument was last cleaned in 2019 and more than 90 people arrived on the day to help clean up.

“History is of vital importance to AfriForum Youth. This is the reason why this organisation protects history and heritage. If you do not know where you come from, you surely do not know where you are going,” says Petri van der Walt, AfriForum Youth’s National Coordinator for Town Structures.

“It was an exceptional day at the monument. Attendance by various African cultural heritage groups was excellent and together we could accomplish an outstanding feat. Marius Nagel shared an unusual part of history. We will definitely undertake similar projects in future,” says Henko Visser, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Youth’s Kimberley branch.

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