AfriForum Youth welcomes withdrawal of race quotas

AfriForum Youth welcomes the announcement by South Africa Schools Athletics (SASA) that the organisation would no longer apply the race quota policy that it had published on 25 February this year. This follows after AfriForum Youth instructed its legal team to send a letter to SASA in which the matter of harsher transformation quotas was vehemently opposed.

“AfriForum Youth will carefully monitor the announcing of athletic teams, however, to ensure that SASA puts its words into action. The announcement is a victory for athletes, who are supposed to participate in sports and enjoy opportunities based on merit and not on their race,” says Henk Maree, Head of AfriForum Youth.

AfriForum is grateful to the many parents and young athletes who have already contacted the youth organisation to represent them if the discriminating process would have continued.

Click here for the letter sent by the legal team.
Click here for SASA’s announcement about the withdrawal of its race quota policy.

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