AfriForum Youth’s Kovsie branch builds on Afrikaans


AfriForum Youth’s Kovsie branch erected blocks with printed Afrikaans words thereon today at the Bloemgate Centre in Bloemfontein to portray their commitment to the upliftment of Afrikaans. The students also sold koeksisters to raise funds for the organisation’s study fund.

The purpose of this action was to create awareness for when the Highest Court of Appeal tomorrow, 17 February 2017, will decide if the Free State High Court’s ruling that the language policy of University of the Free State (UFS) is unconstitutional, will be upheld.

AfriForum Youth also launched a study fund in cooperation with Solidarity’s Helping Hand Study Centre to enable current and prospective Afrikaans-speaking students at the Universities of the Free State, Stellenbosch, Pretoria and the North-West University to study with the help of donations. Students who will be helped through this fund will be exclusively selected based on merit.

“We believe that the future of Afrikaans is in the hands of the community that speak and want to be educated in this language. Therefore, we encourage people to become involved by attending the court proceedings and supporting our study fund,” says Michelle Peens, Chairperson of the AfriForum Youth Kovsie branch.

AfriForum Youth encourages the public, and in particular students studying at the UFS, to attend the court proceedings at the Appeals Court Complex in Bloemfontein.

Date:               17 February 2017

Departure:       Parking area next to Veritas, UFS campus (lifts to the Court are available)

Time:               8:30 for 8:45

The first 30 students will receive a free T-shirt, coffee and a muffin.

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