AfriForum’s 2018 anti-bullying campaign kicks off at Laerskool Krugersdorp-Noord

AfriForum visited Laerskool Krugersdorp-Noord over the end of January and the beginning of February – the first school that forms part of this civil rights watchdog’s anti-bullying campaign for 2018.

The campaign creates awareness for bullying in schools and includes information sessions with learners, teachers and parents.

“It is important to AfriForum to work together with learners, teachers and parents in making a difference by eliminating bullying in schools,” says Leandie Lombaard, AfriForum’s Coordinator for Leadership Development in schools.

Learners were informed on the first day already during the gathering in the school hall about what a bully truly was. They were also introduced to Matteus (Matthew), the mascot of the campaign. It was explained to children that Matteus were wearing the armour and that Matthew 7:12 says: “Do to others what you would have them do to you.”

On the second day of the anti-bullying week, learners were allowed to wear funny shoes and socks to symbolise the armour’s footwear of peace. On the third day, they were allowed to wear colourful hats to symbolise the armour’s helmet of salvation. On day four they learners wore funny belts to symbolise the belt of truth. On the last day, every learner received a bully-proof Matteus badge to wear with pride.

Parents were also given the opportunity to attend a presentation on the rights of school children and how children are protected by the Constitution if the correct steps are taken. AfriForum will publish an anti-bullying guide later this year that aims to provide parents, teachers and learners with comprehensive advice.

“Noordskool is a value-driven Afrikaans school that strives for the positive. Our vision is that every learner develops to his/her best potential, while our mission is to create a conducive environment in which learners and teachers can develop to their full potential in a Christian, Afrikaans framework,” says Anita Miller, Head of Department over girls at Laerskool Krugersdorp-Noord.

“The bully-proof Matteus badge that every learner has received at the end of the bully awareness week forms part of the school’s value-driven system that focuses on positive behaviour. Every learner strives to not receive any negative entries on the value system. At the end of each cycle, those learners who qualify (i.e. who do not have any negative entries) will receive a proud Norie badge that they may wear until the following cycle. The anti-bullying badge goes hand in hand with this system, and we will use any bullying entries to determine if learners may keep the badge or not. Learners who have not received any negative entries during the year will then receive a collar badge named SUPERAREND 2018. Learners can also apply or work to have their negative entries reversed,” says Quintin Botha, Head of Department over boys at Laerskool Krugersdorp-Noord.

Send email to if your child’s school wants to join this campaign.

Go to to watch an awareness video of this campaign.

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