AfriForum’s anti-bullying guide launched at Laerskool Swartkop

AfriForum’s anti-bully team visited Laerskool Swartkop in Centurion on 25 May 2018 to launch the civil rights organisation’s anti-bullying guide. The anti-bullying campaign creates awareness of bullying in schools and includes information sessions with learners, teachers and parents. 

“It is important for AfriForum to work together with all role-players in making a difference and curbing bullying in schools. This anti-bullying guide will help in training parents, teachers and learners to address bullying in the correct manner. We hope that they will use this practical guide to make a difference in the wider society. In the guide, stars like Donnalee Roberts, Ivan Botha and Chris Chameleon tell of their own encounters with bullying. Roberts and Botha also attended the launch,” says Leandie Bräsler, AfriForum’s Coordinator for Leadership Development.

“It is a privilege to be part of AfriForum’s anti-bullying campaign. It is close to our hearts and we believe that this campaign will touch the hearts of many a teacher, learner and parent,” Roberts and Botha say.

“The anti-bullying guide is an essential resource to help teachers, learners and parents to curb bullying by supporting the bully as well the victim,” agrees Marius Walkenshaw, Laerskool Swartkop’s Deputy Principal.

Email if your child’s school would like to become part of this campaign and leadership development.

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