AfriForum’s Benoni branch takes on projects as part of #VegEnBou-campaign

The AfriForum branch in Benoni rolled up their sleeves in November to make a difference in Benoni as part of the organisation’s #VegEnBou campaign. The branch started with various projects on 4 November 2021 to improve the overall image of the city. Although many projects are already completed, the branch will continue until the end of November.

Up until now the branch cleaned parks and upgraded jungle gyms, removed illegal advertisement signs, as well as fallen trees and filled potholes.

“The #VegEnBou campaign was launched to show that AfriForum’s structures work for a better future. It was set out so that individuals in a community can work together to make a difference,” says Dewet Ungerer, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the East Rand.

A total of 30 potholes were filled in Woburn- (entrance to Lakefield), Sunny-, Lake-, Kemston-, Park-, Harrison-, Elston-, Lakefield-, Sunnyside street and in Mckenzie Park. The branch also removed the illegal advertisement signs to make Benoni neat again and to make road signs more visible to road users. The park in Brentwood Park was cleaned and the jungle gyms were upgraded so they can be fully utilized again.

Ungerer adds that it is remarkable to see how each neighbourhood takes ownership of their immediate area and it is gladdening to know that businesses in the Benoni area are always there to support the community.

AfriForum’s Benoni branch will undertake similar projects for the rest of November. Contact the Benoni branch for more information regarding these projects or to become involved with this active branch by sending an email to benoni@afriforumtak.co.za.

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