AfriForum’s Benoni neighbourhood watch and CPF catch alleged criminals

AfriForum’s Benoni neighbourhood watch apprehended three alleged criminals in cooperation with the local CPF on 18 July 2019. The neighbourhood watch and CPF reacted to an emergency call on the local Benoni radio group about a theft at a retailer in the town.

When the neighbourhood watch and CPF arrived, the three suspects sped away in a vehicle. They were followed into the Rynfield area, where they were stopped and apprehended. They were then handed to the SAPS.

“This sort of teamwork and strong safety structure network are an excellent example of how crime can be combatted actively when communities work together,” says Hillel Coetzer, AfriForum’s Head of Safety for the northern region.

“AfriForum’s Benoni neighbourhood watch is proud to have been able to improve the town’s security. We want to encourage the community to join the local safety networks. In this way, we can make Benoni safer,” says Archie Mouyis, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Benoni neighbourhood watch.

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