AfriForum’s Bethlehem branch and S.A.S.I save missing man’s life

AfriForum’s Bethlehem branch last night in cooperation with the South African Support Initiative (S.A.S.I) – a non-profit organisation that focusses on locating missing persons – found the missing Louis Strydom (38). Strydom, who went missing on 16 November 2017, was rescued after he was trapped under a rock in the area near the farm Omdraai in Bethlehem for approximately five days.

Information about Strydom and his disappearance was circulated by AfriForum and S.A.S.I after which Isoldé Laesecke, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Bethlehem branch, on 21 November helped to follow a lead (which was received at approximately 13:00 on the day by S.A.S.I).

Laesecke combed the area where Strydom was last seen and first located his vehicle, thereafter followed his footprints and eventually found Strydom trapped under a rock.

According to Laesecke it initially seemed as if Strydom was already dead, but upon closer inspection they could however see that he was alive and immediately sent for emergency services.

Laesecke adds that it took rescue workers about three hours to stabilise and get Strydom out from under the rock. He was taken to Hoogland Mediclinic by Emer-G-Med, where he is currently recuperating. Strydom was severely dehydrated, but sustained no further serious injuries.

“We understand that the man was trapped under the rock for up to five days, with no food or water. It is a miracle that he is still alive,” says Laesecke.

“Thanks to cooperation and information from the community Strydom was saved and can return to his family,” says Hennie Bekker, Spokesperson for AfriForum.

AfriForum is also providing trauma counselling to Strydom and his family.

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