AfriForum’s Brakpan branch creates hope during arbour month

As part of the civil rights organisation’s arbour month, the AfriForum branch in Brakpan planted 20 trees at Laerskool Môrewag and 10 trees at the Old Apostle Church in Minnebron.

According to Gerhard Cilliers, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Brakpan branch, the organisation intends on planting more than 2 000 trees countrywide this year. “By planting indigenous trees, we are not simply conserving the environment and aesthetically improving it – we also show that we have hope for the future. Trees are not only an important part of the ecosystem or a natural resource, but it is also part of our heritage,” says Cilliers.

AfriForum annually focuses on a tree species that is commonly found, as well as a rare tree species. The common tree for 2018 is the true yellowwood (Podocarpus latifolius), while the rare tree is the shepherd’s bush (Boscia albitrunca). AfriForum encourages towns to plant indigenous trees that thrive in their natural surroundings.

“Arbour month offers the perfect occasion to make a lasting difference in our communities. However, trees are in need of continuous care to thrive and the AfriForum branch in Brakpan is willing to supply this care. It symbolises the fact that we as AfriForum are here to stay and have hope for the future,” concludes Cilliers.

AfriForum would like to thank Wildflower Nursery for the donation of the trees.

The branch encourages the community to become involved with the campaign and contribute towards a greener future.

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