AfriForum’s Cape Town North branch creates hope in several ways

AfriForum’s Cape Town North branch created hope in several ways in May 2019 by taking initiative in collaboration with other organisations to preserve and safeguard their community.

AfriForum’s Bellville neighbourhood watch, which forms part of the Cape Town Norths branch, participated in AfriForum’s national patrol on 17 and 18 May. Several other role-players participated with the Bellville neighbourhood watch in the patrol, including security companies, other neighbourhood watches and the SAPS. The 37 patrollers covered 690 km in Bellville with 23 vehicles.

On the morning of 18 May, after the patrol, members of AfriForum’s Belville neighbourhood watch cleaned a section of the Oakbale neighbourhood by picking up litter in collaboration with Oakdale Watch. This clean-up action was initiated by Oakdale Watch.

Johan Fritz, Coordinator of AfriForum’s Bellville neighbourhood watch, also assisted during a recent fire in Oakdale. Members of the neighbourhood watch acted swiftly, contacted emergency services and lent a hand where needed.

“We are grateful for the incredible cooperation – it really is a group of people who stand together to bring about change. We would like to invite each member of the community to become involved in their communities and make a difference,” says Tommy van Zyl, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Cape Town North branch.

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