AfriForum’s Crush Corruption training campaign launched

The civil rights organisation AfriForum’ Crush Corruption training campaign was launched in Gauteng today. This follows the extension of AfriForum’s anti-corruption unit to local level to expose corruption here. In the next couple of months, Adv. Gerrie Nel, Head of AfriForum’s private prosecuting unit, and Wico Swanepoel, AfriForum’s Legal Advisor for Local Corruption, will visit branch structures in all provinces to give training in this regard.

Adv. Nel will explain practically what corruption entails and how it should be exposed. He will also focus on the role that factors such as thorough investigation, ordinary and expert witnesses, documentation, whistle-blowers and technology (like cell phones and computers) play in the process of investigating corruption and eventually exposing it.

Adv. Nel’s presentation will also explain that corruption not only involves the exchange of money between individuals with the aim of both parties benefitting illegally from this; any act that may lead to the existence of a corrupt relationship points to corruption.

“Corruption affects everyone on the community, and the eradication of corruption starts with every person. Anyone who has information on corrupt actions has the responsibility to submit a complaint to the SAPS or to blow the proverbial whistle. AfriForum is committed to protecting whistle-blowers who come forward with information,” Swanepoel says.

Are you aware of corruption in your town, but are afraid of victimisation? AfriForum offers protection for whistle-blowers. SMS your town’s name to 32782 to make a difference (R1).

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