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AfriForum’s Kuruman neighbourhood watch acts swiftly to extinguish fire

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Kuruman was on 13 September informed that a fire broke out on the corner of Poolman Street and Cilliers Avenue in the town. The neighbourhood watch was first on the scene and also summoned the local fire brigade.

The thatched roofs of the lapa and guest rooms were already burning and the neighbourhood watch, equipped with their firefighting kit, immediately started extinguishing the fire. The fire brigade, SAPS and emergency services were also on the scene shortly afterwards to offer assistance.

“It is especially during emergencies that we as a community must stand together and do our bit to make a difference. The speedy and selfless conduct of Paul and his team is greatly appreciated,” says David Olivier, AfriForum’s Safety Coordinator for the southern region.

“We would like to thank our neighbourhood watch members, the fire brigade, the SAPS, emergency services and community members who helped for their assistance,” says Paul Marais, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Kuruman neighbourhood watch.

Join your local AfriForum neighbourhood watch today: SMS “Buurtwag” to 45353 (R1).

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