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AfriForum’s Lydenburg branch cleans subway by removing 25 tons of soil

In June AfriForum’s Lydenburg branch cleaned the subway in Lydenburg. This project was initiated to improve the overall tidiness of the subway in this town, make the road safer and make maintenance easier. The drainage ditches were also opened and cleaned.

More than 25 tons of soil was picked up from the road surface in the subway and removed by the branch. Soil on the road surface can put people’s lives in danger and leads to the deterioration of the road surface, especially when it rains.

“This project just shows how little attention the Thaba Chweu Local Municipality pays to the overall maintenance in this town and it is unacceptable,” says Erich Venter, chairman of AfriForum’s Lydenburg branch.

Join AfriForum’s Lydenburg branch today: SMS “Lydenburg” to 45340 (R1).

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