AfriForum’s Malalane neighbourhood watch receives equipment  

AfriForum’s Malalane neighbourhood watch received patrol equipment. This equipment includes reflective jackets, patrol magnets, patrol lights and flashlights. AfriForum’s patrollers are trained in the equipment that can be used during patrols.

Throughout South Africa, AfriForum’s patrollers receive the same training and equipment to ensure that all AfriForum’s safety structures are able to work as a unit.

“This equipment together with training such as patrol training, legal aspects and crime scene conservation ensures that AfriForum’s neighbourhood watch members are capable of handling any situation in the correct manner,” says Hillel Coetzer, AfriForum’s head of Community Safety for the northern region.

Join AfriForum’s Malalane neighbourhood watch. SMS “Malalane” to 45350 (R1).

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