AfriForum’s Middelburg neighbourhood watch stops land invaders

AfriForum’s Middelburg neighbourhood watch saw to it that people who invaded land in Middelburg left the scene on 1 September 2018. Community members informed AfriForum of the land invasion, after which the branch acted immediately.

“The AfriForum branch contacted the land owner, and although they wanted to open a case of trespassing at the SAPS, this could not be done as the owner lives in Pretoria,” says Hennie Bekker, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for Mpumalanga.

AfriForum’s Middelburg neighbourhood watch was then called to the area, and they informed the trespassers that they had been busy trespassing illegally on the owner’s property. This resulted in the invaders vacating the property.

“AfriForum appeals to the public to ensure that, in cases where they own land but do not reside in that area, they appoint someone to monitor the land and ensure that cases like this one be acted on immediately,” advises Hillel Coetzer, AfriForum’s Regional Safety Coordinator for the Northern Region.

Become involved to promote safety in your community: SMS “Middelburg” to 45350 (R1).

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