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AfriForum’s momument audit kicks off in March

Why are we doing it and what can you do?

AfriForum would like its members and the community to be informed about monuments and memorials in every town and city.

Communities are often not aware of monuments in their own towns and many people have never visited these monuments. For this reason we need to tell these towns’ historic narratives and inform people where monuments are located.

We need to cultivate a renewed pride in young and old. It is important that our country’s heritage is conserved for our descendants and all the generations after them.

This will only be possible if we take ownership and conserve our heritage by looking after these monuments ourselves. Doing it yourself is better than doing nothing.

Every monument’s condition needs to be evaluated and where necessary, the relevant people need to be contacted in order to do repairs to the monuments. In cases where repairs need to be done, the Heritage Foundation has to be consulted before any restoration work can commence.

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