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AfriForum’s Musina branch establishes neighbourhood watch

AfriForum established a neighbourhood watch on 19 November in Musina, after which neighbourhood watch members received training. The Musina community recently founded an AfriForum branch that will focus on community affairs, local government, culture, youth and sport. The neighbourhood watch – an initiative by the branch – focuses on creating community defensibility by establishing a resilient, alert community that act as the eyes and ears of the police to promote the community’s safety.

Du Toit Uys was elected by the community as neighbourhood watch leader. He will be coordinating the branch’s security aspects. Jaco Weideman, Jaco Swarts and Barry Brandt were elected as team leaders to support Uys in organising and managing the neighbourhood watch.

Neighbourhood watch members received training in legal aspects for patrollers, one of 16 training modules in community safety that AfriForum offers to neighbourhood watch members.

“Growing state deterioration and crime compels the Afrikaner now more than ever to accept responsibility for its own destiny. The neighbourhood watch forms part of a larger structure of community self-reliance. We trust that the neighbourhood watch’s work will contribute to the eventual self-reliance of our people and to creating a safer community for us all,” says Kobus Boshoff, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Musina branch.

Andries Opperman, AfriForum’s Safety Coordinator for Limpopo, thanked the branch management for their support to the community. “AfriForum neighbourhood watches are unique in the sense that they are integrated into a national network of neighbourhood watches that enjoys legal support, have access to equipment and a financing model, and are supported by a 24/7 control room. A neighbourhood watch like the one in Musina has unique skills and knowledge, and can therefore take responsibility for its future.”

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