AfriForum’s Nylstroom neighbourhood watch and SAPS execute joint action

The AfriForum neighbourhood watch in Nylstroom on 7 September executed a joint action in the town in cooperation with the SAPS. During this neighbourhood watch action, 15 people that were under the influence of alcohol were arrested, while one person was taken into custody for the illegal possession of ammunition. Twelve neighbourhood watch members participated in the action using four vehicles.   

According to Riaan Holtzhausen, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Nylstroom neighbourhood watch, the joint action was a huge success and the various organisations cooperated quite well with one another. “The operation is once again proof that when the community stands together, works together and supports the police, we can make a real difference. AfriForum would like to continue building on this success and strengthen the ties between the neighbourhood watch and the SAPS even further.”

Holtzhausen adds that community involvement in Nylstroom is of vital importance to make the town a safer place for all its residents. “We would like to encourage the residents of Nylstroom and surrounding areas to become involved at existing safety structures.”

Join the neighbourhood watch by sending an SMS with the word “Veiligheid” to 45340 (R1) or contact Marie Scheepers at 071 292 0093.

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