AfriForum’s Randfontein branch secures manholes

The AfriForum branch in Randfontein on 16 June 2020 covered six manholes with concrete blocks after numerous manhole covers were stolen. The branch has now already covered nine holes and numerous other will also soon be secured. The open holes contain various safety hazards, especially for community members that walk past the open holes daily and children playing nearby.

Litter is also being spilled into the open holes which causes the town’s pipes to be blocked almost weekly. The concrete blocks were placed over manholes in Railway, Du Toit and Tier Streets, as well as on the corner of Greenhills Avenue and Lark Street.

“The covers are so heavy that they cannot simply just be moved. Where the drains were always blocked because of the lack of covers, no pipe has since been blocked where the manholes were covered with the concrete blocks,” says Matiam van Vuuren, Chairperson of AfriForum’s Randfontein branch.

“The local authorities do not care about the safety or frustrations of the community. Actions such as these are small steps to self-determination. AfriForum encourages the community to become involved to create a safe future for all of us,” says Dewet Ungerer, AfriForum’s District Coordinator for the West Rand.

Become involved at your local AfriForum branch today: SMS “Randfontein” to 45342 (R1).

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